1313 Agency Website

Client: 1313
Location: Kyiv
Year: 2018
Services: Visual Identity, Development
Access: 1313.agency

Entire Framework was asked to develop visual identity and website for 1313, an emerging modeling agency providing model management worldwide. 


Website’s interface and feel should have been straightforward and simple, but also related to the fast-moving pace of the industry. We wanted to place a model’s character to the fore, giving the client a fresh look on the agency's website and visually distinguishing 1313 from other players.

Model profile

The visual language of 1313 is aimed to reflect the agency’s aspiration to represent and promote different types of human beauty, yet staying attractive to traditional commercial clientele worldwide. The outcome is a combination of a solid logo, honest visuals and all-caps typography.

1313 believes in boldness, angularity of nature and mesmerizing beauty of possibilities. Besides being a modeling agency, 1313 is also a community of like-minded humans who do not accept falsehood and are always looking for something new. Thus, the agency's own-produced imagery is in a sense spontaneous and exploratory.