2204 Events: Ticketing System by ∄

Client: 2204
Location: Kyiv
Year: 2021
Services: Art Direction, Development, iOS Development

Located at number 41 Kyrylivska Street, ∄ – or “K41'' as its visitors tend to call it for the sake of pronunciation – has been open since November 2019. The club “that doesn’t exist” (as per the meaning of the mathematical symbol that serves as its name) is located in Podil, one of Kyiv’s oldest neighborhoods.

Beyond its impressive architecture, the club plays a major role in the development of Kyiv’s club scene, being a part of a larger organization called 2204. Entire Framework was tasked by 2204 to develop their own ticketing system to serve direct purposes of the club and its partners in Ukraine and globally.

Images by Alex Bykov

2204 Events is a system built from scratch using the latest backend and reactive frontend solutions. It allows the club to create events and sell tickets online and at the door, check-in visitors at gates, provide detailed analytics and administer users. In the future 2204 Events may grow into a bigger ecommerce system, serving the purposes of the organization’s own music label called Standard Deviation and partner labels, clubs, media platforms or online stores.

Designing system structure

To provide ease of use and versatility for managers, gate inspectors, accountants and other possible users of the system, Entire Framework team had to dive into business processes of 2204 and compose a detailed UX structure, considering requirements for security, possible scalability and integrations. 2204 Events is used in completely different scenarios, from thoughtful creation of event to fast-paced check-in process at the door, ending with event analytics.


The frontend interface of the administration panel was built as a set of components that can be reused throughout the framework.

App-like design of the CMS in conjunction with service worker and thoughtful caching make the system exceptionally responsive and network efficient, giving the ability to manage or monitor events even with unstable connection.


The architecture has been designed with the idea of keeping every service autonomous and unaffected if one of them stops, also providing the ability to instantly scale the system automatically depending on current load — for instance, during a huge sale action before the coming event. 

The team refined performance and security by implementing load tests and simulating possible attack scenarios. All parts of the system are constantly monitored and configured to send alerts on changes in the code or unexpected load of the hardware. Automation is the core of the project’s backend design approach, so, when deployed, the system requires almost no realtime support from developers.

2204 Tickets: Ecommerce

2204 Tickets is a part of the system where a visitor actually buys tickets for a previously created event. Every step of a ticket purchase flow was designed to secure user data while keeping an ability to restore the process if a customer left the site. 

To be able to withstand a lot of concurrent users, only some parts of the system’s interface are pre-generated and served as static content, while everything else is handled on a client (browser) side.

Purchase process on 2204 Tickets

After purchase is done, the system generates unique tickets with secure QR code in real time, sending separate requests to an email server (to deliver tickets) and a registrar of settlement transactions (to generate the invoice).

2204 Check-In: IOS Application

Entire Framework also designed a 2202 Check-In iOS application to verify event visitors. It allows inspectors at gates to quickly handle queues of guests, synchronizing data (check-in history) instantly among staff members and using the app’s unique logic to detect counterfeit tickets or duplicates.

It took less than a year for the team to deliver the whole project.

2204 Check-In application for iOS