LUNA Artist Website

Client: LUNA
Location: Kyiv
Year: 2018
Services: Art Direction, Development

Andrii Pavlov

Design Adaptation:

Maksym Bondarenko


Evgenii Syrotenko

Client Management:

Sasha Mazhara

Luna (“moon”), named by Vogue and Interview Magazine “the face and sound of Ukraine’s musical revolution” is one of the brightest projects in the post-Soviet musical landscape. Since the release of her first album Magnity in 2016, Luna has captivated the minds of modern Ukrainian youth with her infectious, moody synth-pop and exuberant fashion choices.

Entire Framework developed a web experience for the artist’s fans and newcomers looking for never-before-seen content. The website feels like a deep casket, an infinite randomized feed aggregating latest news, pieces of music and merch, tour dates and exclusive visuals. Every time a user visits the website, it randomizes the content to look differently. 

The agency also worked with the artist's media archives to create visual pieces that are woven into the website’s canvas.